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Who do you want working on your Computer?  For a total labor fee of $45.00, not including parts, our Seasoned Professionals will evaluate, and make all necessary repairs to your Mac, PC, Laptop, or Netbook.  Just bring it into our Office in the morning and, in most cases, you can pick it up that afternoon.
Computer Repair
$45.00 gets your Laptop or Desktop running like it just came out of the Box.  With over 30 years of experience, we will clear out Viruses, Malware, tweak your operating system to not load Bloat-ware or Applications you never use and we’ll physically clean out all those dust bunnies from inside and out, all for $45.00!
Attention Chester County, PA.
Everyone now knows that if you are not on the Internet, it’s likely that your business, will only realize a fraction of the income and growth potential of those with an Internet Presence.  With a current and well planned Internet Site, which accurately explains who you are and what you have to offer, can offer huge rewards at extremely low costs and overhead.
Internet Assistance
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Sharing Files, Printers, and other important resources is not, as most may think, as expensive a project as it use to be.  Today’s operating systems almost make it mandatory.  Whether you utilize a Mac or PC, both offer more tools, better security, easier connectivity and higher processing speeds, allowing streaming TV, movies, and better Gaming.
Building Networks
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