Silicon Valley Start-up

DominoEffect.Net was started to provide a full range of computer network products and services by both Gary and Fred, who were working with numerous ‘Start-up’ companies in and around what was coined as Silicon Valley.  Gary, working on the Cable side, was helping these companies with acquiring the best types of cables needed, and how to properly install them, to ensure maximum network speed and reliability. Fred, working on the Telecommunication side, who work with Gary on then setting up the products that offered both inter and intranet campus connectivity.  

After years of successfully gaining mutual appreciation and respect from their individual industries, as well as from their clients, in February 1989, they decided to join forces and DominoEffect.Net was born.  Focusing on learning everything they could about the different Cable Manufactures, and how local Telco’s could provide security, speed, dependability, and flexibility to even the fastest growth oriented businesses.

Sanhoser TrafficBack then, Silicon Valley had an average of 120 percent occupancy.  So any and all property was at a premium.  Therefore, if you could offer a means that would allow secure connectivity, movement, and easy transitional growth — you were pretty much their hero.  But no, we didn’t start wearing red capes…

ATT is Divested

A huge plus, at least in our growth, came when the telecommunications industry was divested by Judge Green.  Meaning, competition in the market place starting bringing in all new, innovative ideas, as well as far lower rates.  AT&T had to start letting go of their local Bell companies, who now were able to show just how fast an unbridled industry could transform.  The flood gates were breaking wide open, and they spent the next few years focusing of developing key support services.

Default 4During those next several years, DominoEffect.Net had been successfully providing a full range of small to medium sized businesses telephony, IT, and Computer services.  Then moving into Web development and Internet Oriented services, as well.  Initially, code was the only method of getting anything going on the Internet.  Andm if anyone remembers that era, Software for Web Development was virtually inaccessible, because of price and minimal existence.  

Default 3Get Your URL’s Here

Some initial break-through services were to find and secure rather unique Web site names as well, like; “yourconcierge.com”, “tupperwarerep.com”, “instalink.net”, and even “helpmypoorass.com”.

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