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Setting up a NetworkDo you have a new position, or are you about to take on a job that requires you effectively using one or several of Microsoft’s Office Products?  Maybe you’re looking to advance your career or update your resume?  Are you Self-Employed, looking to be able to better Market your business.

Regardless, and as most agree, reading manuals written by techies just won’t cut it.  Surely nothing beats practical use or that of watching how all the components come together.  Moreover, by the time you get to the section that actually addresses your specific needs, your neighbor’s daughter already graduated college and is now bucking to be your Boss.

You can always enroll in a college course and spend years and the cost of tuition to hear this, “Okay class, we’re now going to learn how to turn on the Computer.”

Custom and Private Lessons

Presentation_photo_001Whether you prefer a classroom or a computer lab environment, or even a private session at home.  We can provide the tools for you to learn and practice new and unique skills that will have you impressing co-workers (or scaring the hell out of them).  And, if you’re felling generous, you can let them know where you acquired all your new found talents.

Our courses can be designed to deal with what your current needs are, and those you feel may be in your immediate future.  We can also set up classes tailored to accommodate special needs.

Having a full range of Office Products and the different Versions is paramount, in our opinion.  As not everyone has the latest copy of such Software, this allows us to illustrate and work with a wider skill set of students.  Our instructions are also based on decades of MS Office experiences.  Providing the added benefits of us teaching you with things most college or Tech School graduate haven’t even seen yet.

The Cost of Education

The question all have had in the back of their minds.  Are we affordable!?  How’s five hours, scheduled and broken out as needed, for only $125.00 (one hundred and twenty-five dollars) sound?  PDG, right?

Who knows, with using our electricity, our PC’s, Printers, and even getting free coffee or soft drinks, one just might become more refreshed than they planned.

Ready to Rock?

Simply fill out the following form, and briefly let us know what your goal or goals are.  Don’t worry, at this point, if they seem lofty to you, or not.  Be candid, because it’s important in our factoring in whether a package works best, or what packages may serve you better.

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