On-Site Services

On-Site Services

LittleMan_OnLaptop_001As a lot of issues with Computers can be based on what’s going on at the office or home.  For example, not being able to get your E-mail may be as simple as the internet connection was lost or changed.  The failing of an external hard drive disk, that was working perfectly last week, from connecting to the Network could be as simple as its link or connection broken?  Is the noise your hearing from the computer internal or could it be caused by something in the room rubbing against it?

Who really wants to disconnect a PC from a network, let alone try and figure out what went where, when they attempt to reconnect wires?  Equally, who wants to lug a heavy, most likely dusty Desktop around to potentially save $20?  Especially if the problem turns out to be a minor one and could possibly be solved in about an hour.  Worst case, if it does need more work, we can then take on the task to remove and return it.  Make the call and then decide.

If our coming to you turns out to be the best answer and we can to get it back up and running, that extra $20 will be well spent.  Worse case; if we have to unplug the device, and bring it back working like never before, we’re only talking about fifteen dollars more.

On-Site work must be pre-paid and will also serve as confirmation of an appointment, for any and all upgrades, adds, or replacement.  There are different fees for different aspects of work and are as follows:

On-Site Upgrades

On-Site Network Repair

Some of the same issues occur, and are in most cases easily solved by our test equipment.  Just because we utilize sophisticated testing equipment, doesn’t mean you’ll be paying more than the $65.  Our investing in giving our clients results quickly and accurately only helps us.  Why?  Because, of the loyalty factor.  Getting a client up and running quickly, helps them get back to what they need to do and our reps back and ready to help others — win/win, right?

Ready to book an appointment?

  • First click here to fill out our Work Authorization Form and provide it to the Tech at their visit.
  • Then use the “Buy Now” button (below) to pick the level of Service and confirm your desire to have a Tech arrive.
  • Our office will then contact you to set up a convenient time to handle your issues.  Be sure to let us know if there are any special methods to access your location (Access Gates, entry codes, etc.).
  • A Block of Time Service Contract will not only reduce your rate, it will also prioritize your in the schedule.
    • If you don’t have one, or yours has expired, one can be set up during a Technician’s visit.*

Hourly Rate for:

*Contract must be signed and purchased prior to any work performed or charged at the lower rate.