Web Development

Telling Your Story

ReadingPhotographyAs important as it is, very few business owners have the time to run a business and then properly and continuously pimp themselves.  Which is why we offer the tools to record, at the client’s convenience, either in person or over the phone, any thoughts, back-stories, and comments that speak to why and how their business started.

Some find setting up a base Site and work Social Media Sites.  However, even those that became astute Social Media folks, still have to be willing to keep up with all of the changes and nuances.  And, as important as Social Media may be today, tomorrow, and for however long, everyone involved seems to hate that they keep moving the “Bar”.

Static vs. Interactive

Informative and Interactive SitesWebsites started out, pretty much as Static Brochures.  Some had flashy things, others had invested heavily in “Eye Candy”, and if you’ve been around long enough, you may remember ‘Applets’.  Those animated graphics that looked like ripples of water or cute animations.  The word of that day was, “grab the Visitors’ attention.”  Which lasted quite some time, as those more successful sites (monetarily) moved on.

As selling Services and Products became the buzz, based on the eBay explosion, more and more professional Webmasters were developing their skill set to provide Interactive sites.  Offering a Site that could read Visitor’s moves, by simply moving graphics off of grabbing attention to having them designed to have Visitors take action.

Setting Up Your Base

There are thousands of reasons to have a Web Site, no doubt.  However, which one or which ones of those reasons really suit your needs?  Who knows.  So, let’s break it down base needs like this:

  • Getting your Name out there
  • Offering a way for Customers and Clients to reach you
  • Supply pertinent information
  • Allow for comments or interaction 24/7
  • Educate and Inform Visitors
  • Be cognoscente of your Market and properly speak to their concerns
  • Give Visitors a fluid and communicative way to navigate

Does that cover everything?  Undoubtedly not!  ‘One size fits all’ doesn’t work here.  Nor does yesterday’s techniques.  However, the budgets don’t need to be nearly as high as they use to be even a few years ago.

In most cases, you could be up and running for under $500.00.  Especially for those that may be starting out, as well as those that have been around for a while (with even a basic portfolio or set of photos).

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