Rotorfest 2009

RotorFest 2009 Black Hawk

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RotorFest 2009 Black Hawk
Annual Rotorfest held at the Brandywine Airport N99

Anyone remember those high budgeted Rotorfest events?  Typically held in the Fall, at the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center?  They were fantastic.  Lasted through a weekend, and were always a crowd pleaser.  Their draw was their great Air Shows, as well as all those really cool and decked-out Military helicopters.  Not to mention some of the most unique and iconic privately owned rotary winged aircraft.

MD 902
Annual Rotorfest held at the Brandywine Airport N99

We were there to capture the photos, but on the Friday night before the event, several crews flew in and loved to party with the locals.  Surely, Maddie’s, the Desmond, and any other watering holes (daring enough to let them in) remember those nights.  But, I digress.

Visitors of all ages, traveled from all corners of the World to see car and motorcycle shows, take in a helicopter ride, tour the Museum, talk with the veterans and pilots, and check out all of the exhibits.  Some of which were a rarity in the public arena, let alone be provided personal tours.

American Helicopter Museum Annual Rotorfest

I would imagine having an Osprey, the UH-60s and AH-60s, not to mention Huey’s, played well for building lasting positive images towards our comrades in arms.

And, for those of you not knowing what to do with a few million pieces of cabbage, why not fund one?  Or help the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center bring them back?