Laptop or Desktop

Real Estate • Portability • Monitor

These, like numerous other points, need to be addressed.  If this is the only machine you’ll have and use?  Will you need a rather large display, or will you utilize more than one Monitor? Can your Real Estate (room, desk, workstation) handle what a desk top requires (keyboard, mouse, monitor, and computer, to only mention bare necessities)?

To Buy a Laptop or Desktop

As a laptop is what most taught as the all-in-one unit, it is designed to provide great computing (if equipped right) in about the smallest amount of real estate, or space.  Thus, it can conveniently travel and available where ever you want to work. Find a wall plug (mainly for charging its battery), open the lid and away you go.  Simplicity at its best (and in some cases, better than today’s Tablets and iPads).

Computer Equipment

Just because it’s red doesn’t make it a Tomato

newLaptop_001aRelative to a Laptop, are ‘eBooks’ and ‘Netbooks’.  I will, however, mention that some of these ‘Netbooks’ utilize more Cloud Computing than those traditionally using Installed Applications.  Which could be a good or bad thing.

Applications loaded on the Laptop work best, as they are local and are accessed from the fastest available media (a solid-state or SATA Hard Disk Drive).  A Good thing.  However, if that Hard Disk fails, it also will take the Application(s) with it.  A Bad thing.  And trust me, anyone that thinks things are “Backed up”, are in for a rude awakening.