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den-host-2a_580x280Hosting a Website is similar to renting a garage for a Car.  You still own the car, you always have access to it, and surely you can have it garaged anywhere you want.  No Hostage situations. That said, there are little differences between different Hosting companies and those that rent Storage Spaces.

Although there are some Hosting Companies that charge fees every time you call about an issue — no matter who’s at fault.  There are others that package ‘Templates’ or Starter sites with their Plans.  Which may be good for those that don’t have the time, a webmaster, or think that ‘quick and easy’ works for their immediate needs.  We also provide DIY sites, but let customers know that some ‘Templates’ are proprietary and may not transfer, if you want to change your Servers_001Hosting company.

Remember, if you get too involved with a Template type of site and wish to change Hosting providers or move to a different Package, what then?

Working with the different levels of needs and types of Businesses, it is important that you are placed into the right Package, so things like that don’t rear their ugly heads at the worst possible time or impact Visitors from accessing or viewing your Content.

Another issue is Security.  Are you responsible for ensuring the Hosted site is scanned timely, or that it’s protected from Malware or Hacking?  What about updates to the Server’s Operating System?  And are their choices to that, as well?

Does that come with Fries

Along those aforementioned issues, what about changes or adding material or content to your site?  Can one upgrade services?  Who handles the E-mail accounts and changes to those accounts?  If I change or move off of a Hosting company, what will happen to my E-mail accounts, or messages?  I know if I leave Verizon, I will absolutely lose access to my contact’s list and folders.

Not with our packages.  As long as you retain your Web Name (aka: URL), you will never lose your E-mail account.  And that’s regardless of moving from one Hosting company to another or to different Servers from within the same Hosting company.

Still not sure, Click Here and let us know what more we can do, to either move the ball forward or provide more details.

*Price may vary due to various levels of Hosting, and/or number of email accounts requested. Please use “Learn More” button to acquire specific pricing.


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