Microsoft Products Made Easy

Office Suite

Microsoft, for years has done its best in staying in front of the Corporate world.  From offering Office 360 to the average Joe with every new PC and Laptop purchased with a Windows Operating System.  And now, with Windows 10 making sure any other or pirated versions of Office Products are $#^&@*.  I will let you, the reader, interpret the meaning.

And, with that endeavor, they still keep tweaking and changing the layout, icons, methodology of how each works.  Meaning it takes the dedication of employees and business owners, or a huge operating budget for Corporate Offices to keep Staff up-to-speed.  Higher Learning Institutions too are finding the School Stores needing to through out versions of Office that haven’t even had a chance to get dusty.

Adobe Products

Much the same as Microsoft, the area of Graphic Design, Video and Photography editing and Production are also being courted by Adobe.  Getting into bed with Apple, as well, who actually have great, even simple-to-use products, like iMovie, FinalCut, etc. are succumbing.  Not without a fight, though.  It’s just that the war or battle for being the Industry Standard is still raging.