Changing Network locations

Network Locations

WebServer_001aRarely do networks remain the same.  Whether they grow or shrink, by virtue of adding or upgrading equipment.  It may also be based on ones personal or business needs, or to increase security.

Another consideration could be, changing rooms that offers a better security, climate control, or requires more outlet for higher power consumption.  Another could be related to limit any encroachment on a family’s living space, or the initial location may now not offer the best environmental conditions (sharing space with a TV, Stereo system, or other distractions).  Remember, just because you may not be building a space ship for NASA, it doesn’t mean your tasks aren’t as important.  Even the slightest distraction can be enough for you to hit the wrong key, inadvertently saving a file to the wrong location.  Worst of all, open a bogus E-mail that ends up trashing your computer.

Why Change

IMG_1841Even the star-up or small business owner, ‘rolling the dice’, is planning on growth.  And, growth means Change.  Which one of these steps had you taken:

  • Planned for all contingencies.
  • Purchased only the equipment based on immediate needs.
  • Scheduled both desired or required upgrades to be timely installed.
  • Did a mass amount of due diligence before pulling the trigger.
  • All of the above.
  • None of the above.

Regardless, changing or updating a network shouldn’t mean tearing it all down and starting from scratch.  Nor should it require interrupting operations, even if it requires physically moving equipment.

Zero Down-Time

DominoEffect.Net techs have moved whole systems across countries without a single minute of down-time.  And, no that did not require anyone to purchase a ‘sister system.’  Time of day, or day of the week, can allow systems to be moved, but not require all new connections.  Any person returning from a weekend wouldn’t notice a single difference.  Files, backed up remotely, would be accessed as before.  Links to printers and other Network devices would retain their original names and/or confirations.  And, Network Mapping wouldn’t be affected at all.

Spring Cleaning

Don’t let cleaning up loose or those pesky dangling wires take down your system.  Cleaning up wiring or replacing shelves or cabinets that are not structurally safe, or are not rated for any weight changes can be a huge help.  Wire management is also something thought of only when one has to deal with ridiculous slow up or down loading speeds. DominoEffect.Net can easily come in and test your Network, big or small, to make sure the wiring is done properly, that connections are secure and providing the maximum connectivity. We can see if external Disk Drives, Printers, and Router connections are solid and working properly.

Another issue is having poor climate control, where ambient temperatures and humidity can easily effect all component, let alone a Network. Does your system have enough electrical outlets?  Remember, when voltage is taken down, amperage goes up.  So, the use of Uninterrupted Power Supplies are not so you can work during a power outage.  They will save equipment from everyday power fluctuations.  Checking too how your USB cords are laid out.  Are office chairs rolling over any cables?  After so many times, they can’t be used any longer.

One Can Only Hope

Will this article change the way people set up Home Based Business Networks, or do what it takes to establish a good environment for Network’s and its user’s security?  Will it have a lasting message so consumers shopping for equipment, do their best to properly plan, purchase and keep up-to-date?  One can only hope.

Anyone that even thinks about going from a single PC or Laptop and then to adding a printer should step back, think it through, and do the due diligence, first.  Or, least of all, contact us first.