Wire Management

Wired or Wireless

Should it be WiFi graphicWhat a great paradox.  You want the most security available, even though you may not be working with State Secrets.  So, what’s the best way to go?

Well, as any techie, and even our own DominoEffect.Net reps will confirm, there are a serious amount of customers that have pretty much said, “From what I read, wireless is the easiest to crack!”  First, most likely none have ‘read’ a damn thing on the subject.  Not that they are lying, but there is reading and then there is reading.  And if the ladder was in fact done, they wouldn’t be asking.

But let me break it down with basic stuff:

  • Wired is direct and will not transmit like wireless
    • If it isn’t connected to a laptop that also has its Wireless Antenna turned on
    • If the switch (unit used to connect to more than one computer) is not also a WiFi oriented Switch or Router
    • If other devices, like iPad, etc. are connected to this network securely

And I am sure others can refute or add to this list.  But, I will assume those reading this article aren’t graduates, with honors, from MIT.  Another issue one has to consider before having a Wired Network, is ‘Installation.’  What is the environment?

Wired Network at DominoEffect.NetAre you good with Tools

If you want security and feel that Wired Networks are the only way to go (short of having everything you need to connect to is in the same room), what will it take to traipse wires to other rooms?  Are you talking about a single level of floors?  Are there rooms that need special drilling to route wires into or through?  Do any of these rooms have ‘drop ceiling’ tiles or are ‘rocked’?  Will this installation of wires, if speaking of a Home Based Business, require moving furniture or heavy cabinets, initially or in the future if repairs or replacements are required?  Do you know what type of cable you’ll need to stay in ‘Code’, let alone be safe in case of a fire?  Some wiring requires a special rating if its to be used behind walls, exposed to ambient air, and if it’s going to and from vertical levels (e.g., basement to 3rd floor).