Getting the Point

Paw Bump!

You learned your lesson and created different accounts on your PC’s.  Making sure that each user, and their files, don’t get mixed in with others and you’ve set each Account up properly.  Meaning, one Admin and the rest as Regular Users, also known as Standard Users, right?

Realistically, though, some of you may not get a Paw Bump, but other may need a right cross!

How’s your Setup?

If after reading the first few lines, and you’re one of the ones scratching your head…  It’s best if you read on.

Too often than not, people purchase a PC and never consider it needing to be configured, setup, or ever needing anything else done before they begin using it.  They just turn it on, follow the instructions (such that they are), enter the obligatory information, and wham!  Wham is Right!

Regardless of it being in the form of a Laptop, Note or Netbook, Desktop, and even a tablet (by the way all of these items are considered a Personal Computer — PC), one should never start using any of them with zero consideration, let alone the know-how, of how to set it up properly.  And don’t even expect the guy that’s earning under $10/hr. at the computer store to offer to do it.  Maybe the kid that delivers your newspaper (wow are they still doing that kind of stuff) can help.  If you don’t mind him securely keeping the personal information he’ll need to provide.

You can always go online and pay the $95 to $125 per hour rate and some older kid (earning $12/hr.) come out and offer his level of knowledge.  But, you may have to set an extra plate at the dinner table if you’d like it to work with an Internet connection, let alone a current secure Network.  Or, you can call us!

For a flat $65, we’ll do it all.  Set the computer for proper and secure access for multiple or even a single user.  Why would someone who is the only one using a device need more than one account, you ask?  FYI, if you really did ask that, that would scare the Hell out of me.  Because, of the Internet.  A place that looks like Beverly Hills, but may be more dangerous than walking a 200 foot high tight rope!  Key word: Hackers