Staying Alert

Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel

Just because a system seems to be running smoothly, or is, ‘working well enough for this project to be completed’, doesn’t mean it will not let you down when you need it most.  Computers were designed to handle tasks in a manner that still eludes most consumers.  Think about it.  Who drives computer manufactures to build in more speed, faster handing of data, and able to handle opening and using numerous applications at the same time?

Surely, not the average user.  It’s typically the Gaming Industry guys that develop off-the-chart looking graphically oriented games.  It’s the Film and Publication Industries that need to produce high-end graphics or videos, because they won’t wait the typical 1320 seconds to Render a 10 second video.

Such units will cost about the same as a compact car.  However, the consumer, not will to pay such costs, ends up being the beneficiary of better motherboards, faster processors, more durable Hard Drive Disks, etc.  As long as they buy wisely.

The employee that consumes untold amounts of coffee

HighEndGamingBoxHaving a high-end processor is great, especially if you need it to handle robust applications.  Having large amounts of RAM may also be a great thing, if the work you do calls for multi-tasking and using numerous Window Apps as well.  However, if a Retail Store sold you the PC just because they had it on the Shelf, would cause me to say you may want to reconsider.  Especially if all you do is Internet searches, E-mails, write or create a few documents from time to time.  Just me, a PC that is required to play the few games that you may, or should I say are able to play, shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars.

Consider the employee that seems to always be on the move, whether or not they’re ‘getting the job done’, what’s the trade off?  Over qualified employees can initially seem like a really good deal, but they can get really expensive if you have to constantly replace them.  Like that of the person that picked up a PC that was way over kill for ones current needs.  It seemed like a great deal, initially.  But what about replacing its parts, or if an upgrade is needed, what will that then cost?