Computer Repaired

Computers Repaired $45

$45.00 gets your Laptop or Desktop running
like it just came out of the Box.  And, in most cases…  Better than when you first started using it.

With over 35 years of experience, we will clear out Viruses, Malware, and ensure that your operating system will not load Bloat-ware or Applications you never have or intend to use.

Moreover, along with all of the aforementioned, we’ll physically clean out all those dust bunnies from inside and out, all for a total fee of $45.00.*

RAM_001In addition, if you have a computer you may have replaced or are thinking of replacing with today’s “new and improved” model, contact us first.  In most cases, you don’t need to.  Even if you’re planning on adding upgrades or updating Applications, a simple check up may reveal that buying a new and more expensive computer isn’t the answer.

Short of a few CAD programs, or some Video Editing Software, ‘Older’ computers can handle the tasks.  Seriously, Word Processing and Spreadsheet type Apps rarely need ‘Dual or Quad-Core’ processors.  Moreover, the newer computers, in order to keep the cost down, provide much slower clock speeds than those of yesteryear.  Check it out.

If you would like to learn more or bring in your ‘Old’ or slower PC and let us back up our claim.  Simply click here and print out the Work Authorization Form.  Then contact us to set up a day and time to bring it in.

Help Me make the right choice.

*Price is the total fee for those that bring their device in and pick it up and does NOT include parts.