Planning Network Security

What Level of Safety is Needed?

One of the most important questions that needs to be asked before a Network should be established.  Equally important, will the Network’s security need to be kept Up-To-Date?

Security Levels

A rather obvious concern for a typical Company.  But, what is meant by Company?  A company that has a single employee and is run from one’s spare bedroom?  Or, were you thinking of one that has one hundred plus employees, that deal with extremely sensitive information?

In actuality, both should feel about protecting their files and information in the same way, if not in the same manner.  What would each do if they lost data?  What would be the difference if personal information was compromised?  Lastly, if the ‘Small Business Owner’ was utilizing a Network that offered no security, what effect would that have if he or a relative used that Network to communicate with their Company or Employer?


Yes, any ‘Home Network’ can be set to use or have state-of-the-art Security.  No, it’s not requiring Card Key entry, twenty foot walls, or requiring a second mortgage to cover its expenses.  Even the Small Business owner can incorporate an extremely effective, but minimal cost, type of Security.  Especially those that have Home Based Businesses.

As most Home Based Offices (HBO) utilize the same Internet provider (ISP) to conduct their business and personal needs, which also means they share it and Network devices, like printers, with family, and potentially friends, Security is most important.


Whether or not you conduct business at home, but bringing your work laptop home can effect critical data.  Or, if you have incurred the costs of developing an HBO, sharing files, printers, and even streaming devices could also compromise some of the best security measures.

Are you the type to put a DVD or Flash Drive into your computer or laptop and just view its contents?  If so, you have just compromised your Anti-Virus applications.  Do you typically perform “Safe to Remove” external drives?  If not, that too can have a dramatic effect on data (whether accessing it or storing it).